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Wholesale Atmospheric Water Generator - Water from Air Machine ZL8510E

Convenience is key with ZL8510E Atmospheric Water Generator, featuring a spacious 4.8 liters of storage capacity and an intuitive LED display screen for easy monitoring and control. Its ambient water output ensures that you have access to fresh, clean water whenever you need it.

Main Benefits: Pure drinking water; Normal temperature water; No installation; No waste produced

  • Item NO.:

  • Water temperature:

    Normal Temp
  • Working temperature:

  • Working humidity:

  • Filtration and sterilization:

    12 Stage
  • Storage capacity:

    4.8 Liters
  • Product Details

ZL8510E  Wholesale Atmospheric Water Generator - Water from Air Machine

This ZL8510E operating with a power consumption of only 400W, it efficiently produces water while maintaining a comfortable working temperature of 15-40℃ and humidity of 35-95%. At optimal conditions of 30℃ & 80%RH, it generates an impressive 16 liters of water per day, ensuring a steady supply for your needs.

Equipped with a comprehensive 12-stage filtration and sterilization system, this machine guarantees that every drop of water is free from impurities and contaminants, meeting the highest standards of purity and safety.

Product Detail




Working humidity


16 Liters/day generated at 30 & 80%RH

Water production


filtration and sterilization

12 stage

Water temperature

Normal temperature

storage capacity

4.8 Liters

Working temperature


LED Display Screen

Normal temperature pure water output

Other information

Container Loading

256pcs/20ft  600pcs/40ft


41x4155.5 cm

Net Weight

28 kg



Clean filtered water

  • Drinking water is produced by collecting moisture from the air
  • The moist air is drawn into the machine and passes through a multi-stage air filter, which then cools to the dew point
  • Condensation occurs when air cools
  • Condensate will drip into the collection tank
  • Pumping through multi-stage filtration and reverse osmosis systems
  • Store water in the tank
  • Water is automatically cycled automatically on a regular basis

8 system structure makes up the atmospheric water generator


Water from air machine for home: May be the tap water always taste bad, and botteled water is no good chooice.You can get the highest quality drinking water with atmospheric water generator.

Atmospheric water generator provides the highest quality water to your employees, economical and safety.

Why Choose Us:

Patents: Aerospace technology, patented technology 
Simple and fast: Air water generation, no need of water source 
Affordable: A multi-purpose machine, convenient and economic 
Beautiful and practical: No need for piping, beautiful and practical 
Cold and hot water:  Easy to switch hot or cold function 
Health and safety: Regular sterilization to protect water quality 
Fresh water: Automatic circulation, living water preservation 
Intelligent: Humanization design, intelligent control

If you are interested in buying, wholesale or becoming a reseller of this air water machine, please do not hesitate, contact us on the current page or contact us directly by email: sale@accairwater.com

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