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  • Atmospheric Water Generators Are Trending

    Mar , 28 2023
    Air to water generator, also known as air water generators, are becoming increasingly popular as a way to produce clean drinking water. These devices are able to extract moisture from the air, purify it and store it as drinking water. In areas where traditional water sources are scarce or polluted, atmospheric water generators can provide a reliable source of clean drinking water. The basic princi...
  • The Solution to Global Water Scarcity: Atmospheric Water Generators

    Feb , 28 2023
    Atmospheric water generator, also known as atmospheric water generators, are the latest development in the field of water technology. These machines work by extracting water vapor from the air, purifying it and turning it into clean drinking water. With the increasing global demand for fresh water and the imminent threat of water scarcity, air water generators offer a promising solution to this gl...
  • The value of water matters

    Dec , 09 2022
    Water is the source of life. In many countries, safe water sources are plentiful. Unfortunately, water scarcity and insecurity are a daily reality for more than 385 million children and their families in South Asia. As a result of persistent severe water scarcity, almost half of South Asia's children suffer detrimental and sometimes irreversible effects on their health, development, education and ...
  • Ways to get water from the air

    Nov , 18 2022
    The atmosphere contains large amounts of water in the form of vapor and moisture. We are surrounded by invisible water in the form of humidity. Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) are proving that you can convert moisture into water that can be used for drinking and many other purposes. An easy way to learn about this technique is to look at a glass of cold water and see how droplets form on the o...
  • The history of drinking water

    Oct , 14 2022
    Water is life - the source and most important need of every living being. We cannot write the history of human evolution and civilization without mentioning the crucial role of water. From prehistoric civilizations to primitive times and contemporary societies, water has always played an important role in the big picture. There is no development and no survival without water - we need it for irrig...
  • How to save water during droughts

    Sep , 29 2022
    Much of the United States is currently in a severe drought of historic proportions. These temperatures regularly peak, exposing half of the U.S. to heat waves and droughts. In California alone, conditions have reached levels unmatched by historical weather events. As events continue to unfold, many are wondering, how do you prepare for a drought in the United States? Regarding Colorado, the federa...
  • Drought needs urgent attention

    Sep , 15 2022
    In Spain, it is facing one of the three driest hydrological years since 1961. Our crops are up and down due to lack of water, while we look up to the sky, read the news, hope the weather gets better soon, and we truce to restore water to our reservoirs. When it comes to this worrying issue, all we hear is "drought." But do we really know what kind of drought we are facing? In general, drought can ...
  • Potential solutions to water scarcity

    Aug , 30 2022
    Many of us don't think twice about turning on the tap for a glass of water. But it's a luxury for many. One third of the world's population lacks access to clean water. UN-accepted forecasts estimate that in just a decade, global demand for water will exceed supply by 40%. Climate change, population growth, pollution, agricultural practices and failing water infrastructure have all contributed to ...
  • Good drinking habits and practices

    Aug , 16 2022
    As nearly everyone knows, there is no need to talk about the value of drinking water. But just how are we able to drink water appropriately? What good drinking practices and techniques should we comply with? You will find out in today's write-up. Best time to drink water In accordance with experts, the best amount of drinking water folks should beverage every day is around 2 to 3 liters. The entir...
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