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  • How to remove lead from drinking water

    Aug , 06 2019
    Removing lead in water Poisoning as a result of lead content in water is potentially dangerous. Lead is both odorless and tasteless and therefore very difficult to detect. Once ingested, this contaminant can easily enter into the digestive system and cause damage to various parts of the body including the kidneys, nervous system and brain. One of the most common sources of lead poisoning is throug...
  • Office Benefits of atmospheric water generator

    Aug , 06 2019
    Atmospheric water generator can be placed anywhere in the office. Unlike a water cooler, you won’t need to place it near a door for easy access for swapping over bulky water bottles. As it draws air, purifies it and turns it into fresh drinking water, you won’t need to worry about plumbing the unit into your office water supply. However, you can also connect to the mains supply if you prefer to ad...
  • Atmospheric Water Generator - How It works

    Aug , 06 2019
    A new smart atmospheric water generator is now available to buy through Fuzhou Green Olive Trade Co.,Ltd. The atmospheric water generator is a revolutionary new way to deliver clean and pure water to your office that takes inspiration from the natural water cycle of the planet.Rather than using conventional plumbing, or shipping in expensive bottled water. It takes in the air around us and turns i...
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