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A:The atmospheric water generator is a high-quality drinking water equipment that collects water molecules in the air by high-efficiency filter to condense the air into liquid water, and then produces water through a series of fine purification treatments.

A: Yes. First of all, we breathe air normally every day without filter purification protection all day long. Surface water on Earth comes from precipitation formed from the air. In contrast to surface water sources, air sources are free from surface pollution (eg industrial pollution, agricultural residues, etc.). Secondly, our air water machine needs to go through the process of air filtration system before producing water. Suspended solids and particles above 0.3 microns in the air have been blocked outside the system. Specifically, the raw water after air filtration has at least reached the municipal water quality standard, and after multi-stage purification, the clean drinking water has fully met the standard and is safe to drink.

A:HEPA is a high-efficiency air filter, made of folded boron-silicon microfibers that can filter out suspended matter and particulates whhich is larger than 0.3 microns in the air with a removal rate of up to 99%.

A: CE   ,CB   ,CCC  , WQA  , ISO9001-2008 , UL  ,SGS  & CPIC,etc.

A:Atmospheric water generator have eight advantages: 1, aerospace technology, patented technology  2, air water genearation, no need of water source  3, a multi-purpose machine, convenient and economic  4, no need for piping, beautiful and practical  5, easy to switch hot or cold function  6, regular sterilization to protect water quality  7, automatic circulation, living water preservation  8, humanization design, intelligent control

A.The atmospheric water generation consists of eight systems. They are: air filtration system, air water generation system, air water purification system, hot and cold water system, air water circulation preservation system, air water sterilization system, intelligent operation and control system.

A:It is widely used in homes, offices, resorts, military, mines, hotels, disaster relief sites, water pollution areas, water scarcity areas,etc.

A: It is not difficult to operate. After you buy the machine, we will send documents and videos to guide you through the installation and operation of the machine.After placing the order, we will have someone to guide and install.

A: In general, 1 kilowatt can produce 3 liters of water. This is related to the ambient temperature, humidity, and power charge. When the temperature of 25°C, the higher humidity, the lower the cost of producing water. Conversely, the energy consumption also increases with lower humidity and temperature.

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