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Ways to get water from the air

Ways to get water from the air

18 Nov 2022
The atmosphere contains large amounts of water in the form of vapor and moisture. We are surrounded by invisible water in the form of humidity. Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) are proving that you can convert moisture into water that can be used for drinking and many other purposes.

An easy way to learn about this technique is to look at a glass of cold water and see how droplets form on the outside of the glass. Using the same principle of condensation, a water generator extracts moisture from the air through a cold refrigeration coil, which sucks moisture out of the atmosphere and forms tiny water droplets, creating a renewable source of usable water.

How much water can the atmospheric water generator produce?
AWG can produce large volumes of clean water. The water yield of a water generator depends on two conditions: temperature and relative humidity. The temperature must be at least a few degrees above freezing. Humidity must be present, greater water production is achieved at humidity percentages above 30%.

There is no one size fits all AWG. The climatic conditions of the installation area and the application of the water produced can affect which options on the market can meet your specific needs.

Water making machine from air.
It can certainly be captured and reused as a renewable and sustainable water source, despite the varying percentages of humidity.

Why do you need one
Atmospheric water production is an innovative and practical technology - condensing moisture to produce water. Water vapor is the cleanest, most sustainable and has the least environmental impact.

Here are some factors to consider:

You need to be prepared for emergencies when you can no longer rely on normal sources of water such as tap water, natural sources and bottled water.
You do not have access to drinking water where you live.
The quality of water you and your family are drinking is worrying.
You are experiencing water restrictions due to drought or boiling water alerts.
People are concerned about the environmental impact of the water you use and are tired of buying and storing expensive bottled water.
You are concerned about groundwater chemicals.
Choose the right solution for your water needs

Your local atmosphere. Moisture in the air is the main material of the AWG - temperature and humidity.
You need to know if the water generator system you are considering will operate efficiently in the climate where you live. Don't hesitate to ask in what operating temperature and humidity range the machine will perform best.

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