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The history of drinking water

The history of drinking water

14 Oct 2022

Water is life - the source and most important need of every living being.

We cannot write the history of human evolution and civilization without mentioning the crucial role of water.

From prehistoric civilizations to primitive times and contemporary societies, water has always played an important role in the big picture. There is no development and no survival without water - we need it for irrigation, production and, most importantly, drinking.

There are four ancient civilization points in the world - the Yellow River, the Indus River, the Nile River and two major river basins. These are all related to water. It is the only foundation upon which survival is built. So, every time you pick up a glass and pour some water into it, you are looking at the history of mankind.

This blog takes a unique and interesting approach to discussing water. What is the role of water in human life over time? How did water evolve? What water-related challenges have we been or are currently addressing? What types of water are there and how can you make the most of them? We have all these and more answers in this blog.

Why filter water?

Primitive times made people think and use water as a primordial resource - drink some or you will die. It's instinctive - anyone who wants to survive has to drink water, so the search for water never ends. In the early years, cases of tribes disappearing due to water pollution were not uncommon. Drinking contaminated water can have many adverse effects on the body. It was worse for the frail, most of whom ended up dying.

There were quite a few water problems in the era of the Industrial Revolution. As more and more people live in cities, the available water infrastructure struggles to keep up with the growing number of people. Likewise, industry continues to emit large amounts of pollutants into water sources. Furthermore, little or no consideration is given to human safety in drinking water. These conditions led to the famous cholera outbreak in London.

What were early water filtration practices?

Water filtration has been around for some time. Here are some of the methods used in the past;

Precipitation water

Early people let their water sit or settle, so the particles fell to the bottom. This water purification method is simple and easy to do.

Heating water

In the past, it was believed that heating water could kill harmful contaminants in the water. So they boil, submerge heated stones in water, or let the water heat up in the sun.

Heating the water helps achieve purification. This is one of the oldest tricks known to human civilization. In boiling water, some people use leather bags strapped to the frame, hood, or metal, or even in metal containers or ceramics. In addition, there are special bamboo containers and stone jars for boiling water into which very hot stones are placed with tongs and sticks.

Dig a well

The detrimental effects of lake and river water were fully recognized in the age of agriculture. To avoid this, farmers use groundwater, which is purer and more accessible than natural water sources in the open air. Subsequently, well water became the main source of water for farming civilization.

After a keen observation of nature, people in the farming era identified charcoal and stone as possible water purification materials. That's why you'll find a layer of stones filled with charcoal, and then another layer of stones. This practice is common in some parts of the world and helps purify water.

The discovery and adoption of well water increased the production of livestock and crops, leading to a susceptible population expansion. There is enough water readily available for everyone.

Drinking tap water

With the emergence of towns, water pipes need to be laid. In addition to convenience, this advancement ensures that the water stays clean. Considering the pristineness of underground well water and direct drinking of natural water, the adoption of plumbing systems marked a revolution in the history of drinking water.

Tap water is an integral part of history. First, the few wealthy people who could afford it adjusted the system to get water directly from their homes by turning on the tap. Then, the whole system relies on automatic water intake. The only difference is the delivery method; the water delivered is still river or well water, but no stones. Therefore, it is largely unreliable.

So what kind of drinking water is best for us? Today, I will introduce an water from the air machine, which can not only filter water and produce pure water suitable for drinking, but also Accairwater not only produces atmospheric generators but also hydrogen-rich water purifiers. If you want to obtain pure water, you can Come here to choose the machine that suits you.

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