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Potential solutions to water scarcity

Potential solutions to water scarcity

30 Aug 2022

Many of us don't think twice about turning on the tap for a glass of water. But it's a luxury for many. One third of the world's population lacks access to clean water. UN-accepted forecasts estimate that in just a decade, global demand for water will exceed supply by 40%. Climate change, population growth, pollution, agricultural practices and failing water infrastructure have all contributed to the global water crisis.

Despite the dire situation, there are many solutions that can begin to address global water scarcity. These include raising awareness so we all understand the scope of the problem and potential solutions; investing in new technologies and approaches to conserving and managing water resources; and motivating industry, governments and individuals to take collective action.

Here are some ways we can make a difference:

Raise awareness and education about water scarcity. Raising awareness of the crisis and inspiring people, businesses and government agencies to take action is critical. This includes educating people about the scope and impact of water scarcity, how to conserve water, and how to support water organizations to help people access clean water.

Invest in innovative technologies. Promising new technologies, such as wastewater recycling, energy-efficient desalination plants, solar and UV water filtration, nanofiltration, and rainwater harvesting systems, can help address water scarcity.

Improve agricultural irrigation efficiency. Almost 70% of our freshwater is used for agriculture. Enhanced soil moisture sensors, monitoring, weather stations and communication systems can provide more accurate data to ensure water is not wasted. Growing crops that consume less water should also be explored.

Improve water infrastructure. In the United States, 2.1 trillion gallons of clean water are lost each year due to infrastructure failures. This is not only a waste of water, but also a waste of money. Innovative water distribution management technologies can improve utility efficiency, reduce labor costs, and minimize leaks.

Reduce water pollution. Stopping industry and individuals from dumping toxic substances into our water systems and being able to accurately monitor water quality are critical steps to improving access to clean water. Consumers should dispose of toxic substances safely and not dump them down the drain.

Encourage water conservation. Some everyday tips we can all do include:

Fill the sink with water instead of letting the water run down when washing dishes.

Use a bucket to catch water while you wait for the shower to warm up.

Don't let the water run when you brush your teeth.

Install water saving devices and appliances.

Flush the toilet only when necessary.

Eliminate leaks from tubs, faucets and toilets.

Replace your high-flow shower head with a low-flow shower head.

Use a broom instead of a hose to clean sidewalks.

In addition, it is also a trend in today's society to produce machines that alleviate water shortages. Accairwater produces water making machine that can produce pure water from the air, and there are different types of air to water generator for agriculture, work and life.

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