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Atmospheric generators are inseparable from the development of enterprises

Atmospheric generators are inseparable from the development of enterprises

20 Oct 2021

If an enterprise wants to develop better, it must naturally pay attention to the health of its employees. Therefore, how to solve the employee's drinking water problem is a very important aspect for enterprises. On average, full-time employees drink about 2.5 gallons of water in the office every month—this does not include the water used to make coffee or other hot drinks. Obviously, because of the large amount of plastic involved, companies seeking more sustainable development will abandon bottled water. Tap water is the cheapest option, but filtration systems usually have their own cost and waste issues. Now, more and more companies are looking for a new water system, the air to water generator, which uses its advanced water system to extract water from the air.


This technology has existed for centuries, and its concept can even be traced back to the Incas. However, for two reasons, the more modern version has never been popular in the wider market. First, for most households and businesses, the energy costs required to extract water from the air are too high. In addition, previous systems were usually too noisy and operated in a one-size-fits-all manner, so they could never adjust to local humidity and climate differences. Now, Accairwater says it provides a cost-effective option that companies should consider, especially when assessing increased municipal water costs and concerns about local water supply.


The technology is relatively simple, and the working principle is similar to that of a dehumidifier. Air is forced through the cooling coil, causing water to condense. Then it filters out any air-borne items such as dust or pollen through an electrostatic filter. As the water in the air further condenses, it will be pushed through another filter and then treated with natural ozone. After passing through three more filters, it is sterilized with ultraviolet light, and then stored in a five-gallon water tank for drinking. These systems look similar to the ubiquitous bottled water dispensers or water filtration stations in today's offices, with an added benefit: They can be easily moved, for example, into a conference room for a meeting. Each Accairwater installation takes approximately 24 hours to produce 5 gallons of water, meeting the daily water needs of approximately 8 to 10 employees.


Conceptually similar to a smart meter, the generator can be adjusted according to changes in local temperature and conditions-and can run faster at night when employees are not in the office, and can charge off-peak electricity charges. For early adopters and sustainable hawks, these devices are equipped with a dashboard that provides all types of information, including total water consumption, local weather conditions, and the number of plastic bottles that users save by not drinking bottled water. Individuals can also create personal profiles so that they can measure their "hydration status," which may be of interest to companies seeking creative ways to enhance employee health and wellness programs.


Bottled water companies promote their products as a necessity and a way to promote health, but stubborn facts hinder this message. Taking the National Resources Protection Commission as an example, it is estimated that 90% of the cost of bottled water comes from the packaging, marketing and transportation of the corporate philosophy. In addition, although the brand implies that the water comes from natural spring water, it is estimated that as much as 25% of bottled water comes from local municipal supplies-just filtered and bottled at the factory. Many companies are trying to develop "greener solutions," whether it's compostable bottles, bottled water filters, or programs that allow consumers to return bottles for recycling. However, the truth is thought-provoking: less than a third of the 35 billion plastic bottles that Americans throw away each year are recycled.


Accairwater provides a convincing choice for companies that want to reduce water waste while providing a healthier working environment for their employees. At present, Zhongling Xinquan (Fujian) Air Drinking Water Technology Co., Ltd. is a mature developer and manufacturer of water generator, water coolers and filtration products. Since 2001, it has become a leader in the field of atmospheric water generation. Design and manufacture highly reliable atmospheric water generators and other water filtration/purification equipment at reasonable prices; allowing consumers to obtain high-quality and economical pure drinking water regardless of their geographic location or economic conditions.

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