FUJIAN WANJUAN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is a well-established developer, manufacturer of water purifier, water cooler and filtration products, and has emerged as the dominant player in the Atmospheric Water Generation since 2001. 

FUJIAN WANJUAN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is the first world-recognized manufacturer initializing AWG concept and successfully converting into mass production, thereafter it has been in the lead of the industry as the largest manufacture base for over 16 years regardless of being copied by other manufacturers. We focus its full resources in developing, manufacturing, and marketing of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) as well as RO Water Purification and Filtration appliances. 

FUJIAN WANJUAN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is the answer to global water shortage and purification needs. We are the World’s Largest Selling Air Water Generator and Drinking Water Purifier brand with its presence in over 65 countries.  Our Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) provide the most cost-effective solution and most solid quality products to the global shortage of drinking water by extracting water from thin air and turning it into pure, healthy drinking water. 

  • Our Mission
To design and manufacture highly reliable atmospheric water generators and other water-filtration/purification appliances at affordable prices; allowing consumers to obtain high-quality, yet economical, purified drinking water, regardless of their geographical location or economic conditions.
  • Vision Statement
To become the premier worldwide supplier of high-quality, purified drinking water through the use of unique, revolutionary and innovative technologies, and provide a complete solution to the world’s drinking water needs.

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