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Commercial atmospheric water generator EA-60

This commercial atmospheric water generator,Generate high purity soft water from air. Ideal for drinking even without chlorine.

  • Item NO.:

  • Working temperature:

  • Working humidity:

  • Filtration and sterilization:

    13 Stage
  • Storage capacity:

    45 Liters
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Commercial atmospheric water generator EA-60

Water From Air, the best solution for new water source from air humidity, providing you high quality drinking water.This high quality atmospheric water generator,no waste produced and only a renewable source of water is used.

Product Detail



60 Liters / day generated at 30- 80%RH


13 stage filtration and sterilization



45 Liters of storage capacity

Working temperature


LCD touch screen

Working humidity


Hot & Cold pure water output

Hitachi / Samsung compressor 

Other information

Container Loading

48pcs/20ft ; 102pcs/40hq


59x59x111 cm

Net Weight

90 kg


R407c / R410

Working principle of atmospheric water generator machine

Best home and office atmospheric water generator HR-90HK

8 system structure makes up the atmospheric water generator

Main Benefits

Pure drinking water

Cold and hot water

No installation

No waste produced

Advantage of Home Atmospheric water generator

Patents —— Aerospace technology, patented technology 
Simple and fast —— Air water generation, no need of water source 
Affordable —— A multi-purpose machine, convenient and economic 
Beautiful and practical —— No need for piping, beautiful and practical 
Cold and hot water —— Easy to switch hot or cold function 
Health and safety —— Regular sterilization to protect water quality 
Fresh water —— Automatic circulation, living water preservation 
Intelligent —— Humanization design, intelligent control

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Home/Commercial Eco-Friendly Device | EA-60E

High-Efficiency Atmospheric Water Generator | Home/Commercial Eco-Friendly Device | EA-60E

This commercial atmospheric water generator,Generate high purity soft water from air. Ideal for drinking even without chlorine.

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