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The importance of atmospheric water generators

The importance of atmospheric water generators

24 Feb 2020
Atmospheric water generators are ideal for remote communities that lack clean water.

This is a little-known fact. The atmosphere we breathe contains 20 trillion liters of water in the form of steam. If you put them all into a 1x1 km cylinder, it will reach half of the moon.

Assuming that healthy people need 1 litre of pure drinking water per day, the daily drinking water needs of the world's 8 billion people can be met using only 0.000004% of the water vapor in the atmosphere.

In other words, water vapor is enough to cover 25 million times the Earth's population. Assuming that water molecules stay in the lower atmosphere for 9-10 days, the amount of water in the atmosphere will be enough to cover 2 million times the global population.

The challenge is to find affordable equipment that will make it easy for those who need it in liquid form to have easy access to water vapor, who may rely on bottled water or face out reliable piped water supplies.

Enter a new technology - the Atmospheric Water Generator - which absorbs water vapor from the atmosphere and converts it into liquid water.
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