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Pure water saves lives

Pure water saves lives

08 Dec 2021
Nowadays, more and more children are suffering from illnesses and even deaths due to unclean water. It is estimated that nearly 800 million people in the world have no access to clean water. This is a large number, and it may sound insurmountable, but it is not the case. If water can be produced from the atmosphere, then I believe this number will be greatly reduced.

The purified water produced by the air generator can not only prevent diseases, but also change the trajectory of people's lives. Access to pure water can lift the entire community out of poverty; reduce the risk of kidnapping and sexual assault of girls and women who travel long distances to fetch water; allow more children to receive education; reduce deforestation and help protect the environment.

Indigenous people living on the Amazon River and along the river basin have access to sufficient water, but there is a deadly combination of viruses, bacteria and parasites. In cooperation with our ground partner Xingu Mission, we provide biological sand filters, which are modified from more traditional slow sand filters. Each filter costs $100 and can provide clean water for more than 10 people.

In Tanzania, most of the population must rely on polluted rivers as their water source, causing widespread water-borne diseases. The World Health Organization estimates that 900,000 people die from water-related diseases every year, and there are many ways to help. Whether it's a cash donation, a fundraising event you created, or you can participate in an existing fundraising event. Join us in this World Water Day so that families don’t have to lose children because they can’t get clean water. Using your power to save lives has never been easier.

In addition, we can also reduce the occurrence of such incidents by purchasing air generators, and produce pure drinking water from the air. The quality of the water can be guaranteed. FUJIAN WANJUAN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is the answer to global water shortage and purification needs. We are the World's Largest Selling Atmospheric water generator and Drinking Water Purifier brand with its presence in over 65 countries. Our water from the air machine provide the most cost-effective solution and most solid quality products to the global shortage of drinking water by extracting water from thin air and turning it into pure, healthy drinking water.
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