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Air water maker: take water from the air

Air water maker: take water from the air

31 Aug 2020
There are many types of water generators on the market, including electrolysis water generators, wind water generators, and multifunctional water generators. However, the air water maker is a high-tech product that uses pure physical technology to make drinking water. It is not a joke to "make water out of thin air".

The air water maker extracts air through a special device inside the machine, and uses a compressor to condense and collect the air into water, and then purify the collected water in the machine to produce water that can be directly drinkable. The purpose of designing the air water maker is to drink healthy and safe drinking water at a relatively low cost.

The working principle of air water maker
The air water maker is a water maker that relies on the humidity of the air to make water. The water production process includes: collecting air-air purification-condensation-water purification-ultraviolet sterilization-air drinking water. The ideal humidity required for water production is above 50%. In the case of low humidity, water production can be performed, but the water production speed is slow. Humidity is high in the housing environment, around the kitchen, window openings and spacious rooms.

It contains three levels of air filtration design: high-density enhanced filter layer-medical grade HEAP filter-high-purity activated carbon filter layer, effectively filtering bacteria, organic matter, particles, dust, pigment, odor and other harmful substances in the air. There are also 4 levels of water filtration design: Dow PP spray-melted dense cotton-Japan GE carbon fiber filter element-Large flux ultrafiltration membrane filter element-Japan GE carbon fiber filter element, effectively filtering heavy metals, rust, bacteria, organics, Pigment, peculiar smell and other harmful substances endangering human health.

Air water purifier realizes one machine with multiple functions  With the development of technology, in addition to the function of air water purifier, some air water purifiers on the market also have air purifier, dehumidifier, water purifier, The four functions of the straight drinking machine, such as Funengda air water maker. The air water maker relies on the transformation of water vapor in the air to make water, and it will also become an air purifier and dehumidifier. Used in high-humidity areas, one machine can be used for multiple purposes-it can not only produce pure drinking water, but also reduce the humidity in the surrounding environment and purify the air, which is beneficial to human health and the service life of household appliances.

In order to improve and meet people's high requirements for water quality, the air water maker contains a variety of water filtration technologies, including today's advanced RO reverse osmosis filtration technology and high-efficiency ultraviolet lamp sterilization. In some drier seasons and cold weather, the amount of water produced will be relatively reduced. At this time, you can use the external tap water function of the air water machine to connect the machine to the tap water, using multi-stage filtration and reverse osmosis RO principle, And UV  sterilization and unique water recycling patented technology. Therefore, the air water maker also has the function of a direct drinking machine.
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